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Understand...Understand (12')

Text by Billy Bivona

Double Bass, Live Electronics, Fixed Media

Premiered: March 2016; Black Box Video Studio, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT



Understand...Understand is a work for Double Bass with live processing and looping. The text (see right) consists of two separate texts that work independently, but also create a third text when interwoven with one another. The form of the text is the inspiration for the form, which includes a main section, where both texts are heard, that builds throughout the entirety of the work. There are four intermezzos that feature the texts independently (2 intermezzos each) and the music is inspired by their respective meanings. An enormous thanks to Billy for writing such wonderful words that fit into the process so organically.

understand that we say what we understand and that it is simply linear and monochromatic

everything is nothing but what we imagine it to be, a projection of a reality we try to understand

understand that everything we say is nothing but what we understand and what we imagine it to be, that it is simply a linear and monochromatic projection of a reality we try to understand

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