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Reflections of Death and Nature (12')

Poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Baritone, Piano

Premiered: Dec. 2015 by Andrey Stolyarov; Berkman Recital Hall,      Hartford, CT


Reflections of Death and Nature was written for and premiered by Andrey Stolyarov. Each song was written in an attempt to be simple, yet enhance the core meaning of the poem that it set. There is copious amounts of text painting, sometimes quite abstract, to help realize this notion. For example, the poem Snowflakes speaks of the serenity of snowfall so the piano part includes only white notes in a descending cluster that grows with every note. Many thanks to Andrey for championing this cycle.



Subsequent Performances: 

Apr. 2016 by Andrey Stolyarov; West Avon Congregational Church,  Avon, CT


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