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REDLINE (7' - 8')

Alto Saxophone, Live Electronics

Premiered: June. 2019 by Dan Phipps; Dalton Concert Hall, Western Michigan University

REDLINE was for Dan Phipps as part of the SPLICE Institute in 2019. Before writing, we talked about music we liked to listen to , to play, our strength and weaknesses; and Dan mentioned that he played a lot of jazz before focusing on classical saxophone. As a former jazz player myself, I decided to use the genre as a starting point for the work, though I knew that I did not want it to sound like a "jazzy" classical work. Instead, I wanted the intensity and virtuosity that I associate with jazz to permeate the work, so I looked to one of my favorite saxophonists, Joshua Redman. His virtuosity served as the inspiration for starting the piece, but once I had "enough" to begin, I tried to write my own piece without the idea of jazz or classical idioms. The result is an electro-acoustic work with vestiges of tonality, bebop phrasing, and contemporary techniques. A major thanks goes to Daniel Martin Minogue, who played the saxophone for all of the recorded cues.



Subsequent Performances: 

Mar. 2020 by Dan Phipps; Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ for the North American Saxophone Alliance national conference

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