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Pile (7' 30")

Chamber Orchestra, Electronics

Premiered: March 2024 by Foot in the Door; Lincoln Theater, West Hartford, CT

Pile, for chamber orchestra and electronics, uses the Jewish lullaby “S’dremlen Feygl Oyf Di Tsvaygn” as its melodic inspiration, presenting it in fragmented, obscured, and varied ways. The text for this lullaby was written for a 3-year-old child who was saved from a 1943 massacre that left 4,000 Jewish people dead. While acknowledging the horror, the lullaby focuses on the child, and thus, the future. In Pile, the eerie resonance of the electronics represents the friends and family that we have lost. The orchestra is all of us, and it is our duty to keep their memories alive, to tell their stories, and sing their songs.

Pile score excerpt pic.jpg
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