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Impromptu on 'Hear Lullabies and Sleep Now (8' 30'')

Solo Cello

Premiered: Nov. 2014 by Olivia Harris; Bezanson Recital Hall, Amherst, MA


Impromptu was written during the summer of 2014 for cellist Olivia Harris.  Olivia approached me about writing a work for her and we promptly met to go over ideas about what to base the piece on. After discussion, I had decided to use a Spanish folk song for the initial material and eventually settled on "A la Nanita Nana," or, roughly translated into English, "Hear Lullabies and Sleep Now." It is a free-form work that goes through many different variations before the melody is presented, in its entirety, at the end.



Subsequent Performances: 

Nov. 2014 by Olivia Harris; Millard Auditorium, Hartford, CT

Nov. 2014 by Olivia Harris; The Gym at West Park, New York, NY



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