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Pitchforks & Crow's Feet (12')

Flute, Cello, Double Bass

Premiered: Oct. 2015; Carriage House Theater,  Hartford, CT

Pitchforks & Crow's Feet was commisioned by Mary Young, Mat Nichols, and Krista Kopper, and premiered by the trio as part of Hartford New Music Festival's Uncharted Waters concert. The work is an exploration of unisons, specifically how the instruments get out of and into unisons. There are five short movements that make up the work. Movements 1, 3, and 5 are thought of as solo textures with accompaniment. Movement 1 features the flute, movement 3 features the cello, and movement 5 features the bass. Movements 2 and 4 treat all of the voices as equal.

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