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Ancillary Vestiges (30')

Double Bass, Live Electronics, Fixed Media

Premiered: March 2016; Black Box Video Studio, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT



Ancillary Vestiges grew out of the idea of giving the listeners the ability to shape how they hear a piece of music. This was done by inluding extra music in headphones that the listener could choose to listen to or not. The main part of the work is the double bass playing harmonics and looping several long, independent tracks to create an ever-changing atmosphere of sound. The headphones contained 5 different pedal tones that the live bass never plays. The listener can choose which pedal tone to listen to, if any, in order to customize their own listening experience. Unfortunately, the video below does not allow for such an experience but the live part was also composed to be able to stand on its own. The headphones are featured out of frame, to the right of the camera, which is why you will see people standing up and walking around the black box.

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