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A Wired Plea (7' 30'')

Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

Premiered: Apr. 2015; Berkman Recital Hall


A Wired Plea is inspired by a telegram that W.C. Fields sent while his friend was on his deathbed.  The telegram simply read: "you cant do this to me." Those words were translated back into morse code and acted as the rhythm for the bari sax in the last choral section of the work.  The tenor sax also plays morse code in the beginning, with the letters "W," "C," and "F," the sender's initials.  Those rhythms are the basis for the work which is made of of three interlocking sections.  The work as a whole functions more as a collage of ideas that switch between one another; sometimes smoothly, and sometimes more abruptly.



Subsequent Performances:

Nov. 2015; The Dirt Salon, Hartford, CT

Apr. 2016 by 4Saxes; Berkman Recital Hall, Hartford, CT

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