4 Instances of Eliot (15')

Soprano, Flute/Alto Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello

Premiered: November 2019 by Kamratōn; Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, Pittsburgh, PA

4 Instances of Eliot was commissioned by Kamratōn for the opening of their 2019-2020 season. 4 poems from T.S. Eliot's first book of poetry (published 1917) serve as the text for the song cycle, each providing a unique mood or character. "Morning at the Window" paints a despondent picture of poor people walking out in the mud, while "Hysteria" is a frantic occasion at a restaurant. "Cousin Nancy" shows the rebellious character of a New England woman. "Mr. Apollinax" was originally written for Anna (soprano), along with flute and bassoon, but was arranged for the instrumentation and serves as the final movement. 

4ioe excerpt.jpg