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Improvisations I

I have released a new album of works/improvisations for double bass and live electronics, Improvisations I. Available for purchase and streaming on all platforms, including Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. A big thanks to all who have supported it so far! Follow the links below to listen:

Purchase on Bandcamp:


Adjunct year 3

Honored to be asked back to teach music technology classes at Hartt for a third year. This year's load will include Finale and Max/MSP! Can't wait to get back into the classroom and talk shop with a bunch of bright young minds.

4 Instances of Eliot

Kamratōn has asked me to arrange Mr. Appolinax and expand the work into a song cycle for Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, and cello for their Fall concert! A wonderful opportunity to write for amazingly talented musicians. The concert will be in Pittsburgh, PA. Stay tuned for details!

Upcoming Events

Several events were cancelled due to COVID-19, but stay tuned for new stuff!

Past Events

Nov 24th4 Instances of Eliot was performed by Kamratōn in Pittsburgh, PA as part of their Fall concert. A big thanks to Kamratōn!

June 6thHold the Fort was released on Steam for purchase! It can be viewed at: The music for the video game was composed by Kyle in collaboration with Mathew Petermeyer and Monster Tooth Studios.

June 29th: REDLINE for Alto Sax and Live Electronics was premiered by Dan Phipps as part of the SPLICE Institute's participant concerts. A big thanks to Dan for bringing the piece to life!

Hold the Fort


I have been working with Monster Tooth studio on an original soundtrack for their new tower defense game Hold the Fort. It has been a challenging, exciting, and rewarding experience to work in a genre that is new to me. Stay tuned for the release!

Life after NMOP


New Music on the Point was an unforgettable experience! The composers, performers, and faculty amazed me each and every day that I was there. I sincerely hope I see each and every one of them again. Now that it is over I can harness all of the energy I've gathered from the people, music, and food to bring more new music into Hartford.

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